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Float Pod


Float therapy involves floating in 30 cm of body temperature solution in an enclosed float pod. As you lay in the float pod, your body will rise effortlessly to the surface because of the 500 kg of Epsom salts dissolved in the water.

In addition, our float pods buy dream pod, are lightproof and soundproof, and the high-density salt solution makes you weightless; this allows you to enjoy sensory deprivation in the float pod, which makes float therapy special.

The salt solution in the float pod is 35.5oC and incredibly soft and silky. You can choose to leave the lid on the float pod open, and there is a light that you can operate from inside the pod. Alternatively, the top can be closed, and the light left off, making the most of the sensory deprivation experience. This way, your body can achieve a state of deep relaxation that is more beneficial than sleep.

 How will I feel after time in a float pod?

After your float therapy session, you should expect to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Your thoughts should be calmer, and you should feel more centered. This is why float therapy is considered an excellent time for meditation.

Floating has been around since the 1950s. Researchers developed flotation therapy, sensory deprivation, and isolation tanks during this time, and this was also when researchers discovered the theory of R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique).

Significantly reducing the external stimuli like gravity, light, sound, and temperature reduces the response function of the brain; this creates the perfect environment for mindfulness, meditation, and ultimate rest.

For more information on sensory deprivation therapy, check out this Healthline article. 

You could also consider adding a Sauna to your float.


Float Pod


The benefits of floating will last for several days past your float therapy session. The more often you float, the more benefits you will enjoy.

Pain management

Float therapy may help recover from injury and alleviate chronic pain. Spending time in a float tank allows your muscles, joints, and bones to rest and help with recovery ultimately.

Pregnancy relaxation

Flotation therapy is every pregnant woman’s dream – complete weightlessness. A float session offers relief from your sore back, pelvis, and hips and helps alleviate swollen ankles and feet.

Please be sure to check with your doctor or midwife before you float if you are expecting.

Stress and anxiety relief

The sensory deprivation in a float pod is the most relaxing experience for the overstimulated mind. Float therapy lowers the cortisol levels in your body (the stress stuff). It helps your brain release dopamine and endorphins (the good stuff).

Mental clarity and creativity

Flotation therapy helps your mind slip into the theta state – a euphoric state usually only experienced moments before falling asleep, waking up, or during deep motivation.

The theta state is the magic place where your mind experiences insight, inspiration, vivid imagery, and clear, creative thoughts.

Relaxation in a float pod

Devices, noise, and the stress of home and work pressures are constantly bombarding our brains. It’s difficult to find downtime and almost impossible to find peace and quiet – until you’re floating.

The float tank is a perfect place to relax and escape life’s stress and pressure. One hour of flotation therapy is the equivalent of up to four hours of rest.

Enhanced athletic performance

Float therapy is being used more and more as a tool for professional athletes to not only recover but get in the suitable headspace for “game day,” whatever that might entail.

Promote positive performance visualization and mental preparation for training and competing in a float tank. Flotation therapy helps prevent injury (by releasing muscle stress and tension) and assists with recovery.

Insomnia relief

The biggest issue for insomniacs can be the transition from an awake state to a theta state. Float therapy helps the brain get into the theta state, effectively re-training your body to get to sleep.

Many of those that have used the float pod have reported sleeping much better after just one flotation therapy session.

Recovery from fatigue and jet lag

Flotation therapy is one of the fastest and most effective ways to induce your body into a relaxed state. A session in a float pod is a great way to reset sleep patterns and ease inflammation and discomfort after a long flight.

Recovery from injury

Float therapy accelerates healing and recovery from injuries by removing pressure on the whole body simultaneously. The weightlessness allows your blood to flow freely through your body. The relaxed state allows your cells to focus on repairing injuries.

Detoxifying the body in a float pod

Floating in the natural salt solution draws toxins from your body through your skin. The solution in the float tank contains high levels of magnesium which your body absorbs and where every organ uses it.

Lowers blood pressure and increases circulation

Many studies have shown Flotation therapy immediately reduces your blood pressure and heart rate. While floating, the effects of gravity are at an absolute minimum, allowing for blood to be pumped and flow freely throughout the body, reducing blood pressure.

Meditation in a float pod

The float tank is an excellent place to practice meditation. The lack of external stimulation and time pressure helps your body to relax. The sensory deprivation makes it easier to quieten your thoughts and slip into a meditative state.

Magnesium absorption

Magnesium is a nutrient used in every organ of our bodies. While floating, magnesium from the Epsom salt is absorbed transdermally through the skin. The high magnesium concentration in the salts allows muscles to relax and become loose, which helps to minimize the risk of injury dramatically, relieves muscle pain and stiffness, prevents cramping, and promotes injury healing. Magnesium absorption is also used to avoid Asthma, Diabetes, Heart attacks, Osteoporosis, and Strokes and helps improve migraine symptoms. Magnesium also regulates over 300 Enzymes and facilitates calcium absorption


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