The Float Room is located at the Countdown end of Empire Street in Cambridge. You can access our parking off Kirkwood Street, we have a VIP park (on the left) just for you.

Come upstairs (or use the lift) and come in the doors to your right. One of the friendly The Float Room staff will show you to the room with the float tank. Everything you need is provided – natural body wash, shampoo, conditioner, towels, face cloth, ear plugs, petroleum jelly and fresh water spray for your face.

Your session starts with 15 minutes for a shower, you wash your body, your face and your hair (with shampoo only – no conditioner please). Remove any jewellery, and turn off your phone. Dry off, turn the light off in the ensuite and make your way to the float pod (don’t put any products on your body).


Cover up any knicks, scratches, or small grazes with petroleum jelly, and use the ear plugs provided (if you wish). Turn the light off in the float tank room, hop into the pod, and close the lid (or leave it open). Your head should be at the far end of the pod (away from the door), the music will play for 10 minutes.

Use the green button by your left hand to change the colour in the pod, or turn the light off completely. You can turn the light on at any time during your float therapy session. The music will stop after 10 minutes, you may hear your heart beating in the silent float tank – do not panic.

Floating with your hands above your head helps to relax your neck and protect against over-extending. You can open the float tank lid at any time during your session. If you fall asleep, you will not sink, you will stay afloat due to the salt solution in the float pod.

It is highly likely that you will fall asleep in the float pod, or at least fall into a state of deep relaxation, it is not unusual to lose track of time in the float tank. The music will start to softly play to indicate the end of your session.

Have a shower in the ensuite and use any and all of the natural products provided. Don’t worry about leaving the place as you found it – Nat will come in and clean up after you.

We enthusiastically recommend that you have at least three float therapy sessions at The Float Room to experience the full effect, you can grab our special introductory offer here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Don’t forget that there’s a $50 float voucher up for grabs each month if you upload a picture to social media, check in at The Float Room and tag us.
See you soon!

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