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Preparing to Float

Check out the blog where we step you through what you can expect when you come for a float therapy session at The Float Room.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your allocated appointment time (there are some forms to fill in). You are allocated 90 minutes for your appointment (15 minutes for a shower in the ensuite, 60 minutes in the float pod and another 15 minutes for another shower in the ensuite).


Here’s some don’ts…

Don’t shave or wax before you float

Don’t float if you have a skin irritation or infection (cover any small cuts with the petroleum jelly provided)

Don’t float on a full or an empty stomach

Don’t have caffeine before you float


We’re sorry to say that you can’t float if:

You have a serious heart disease

You have uncontrolled epilepsy

You have diarrhoea/vomiting

You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

You have dyed your hair in the last five days

You have had a spray tan in the last two days

You have a tattoo that is not fully healed

You have an infectious skin condition

You have open sores, wounds or grazes

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